The Team

We are a 12 people team based in the UK and with a mission to change the travelling industry in the Metaverse.

We aim at providing the possibility for everyone to travel in the Metaverse with their real-life whip.


Smart 3D Car Key

Once you have your NFT, you will automatically be enrolled into our massive airdrop for your own personalised smart 3D car key, especially for your whip, direct to your wallet as a thank you.


We have a massive background in marketing and development; we have worked with multiple million-dollar companies and have successfully changed the car industry for good.

We plan to have our own Metaverse in the upcoming months and allow everyone to travel around with their real-life whips.


We are also developing our own branded merchandise store with top quality materials and a stylish look.


How do I NFT my whip?

1.Set up & Connect Your Metamask Wallet
2.Upload a picture of your whip, along with the name of your whip
3.Complete payment
4.Your NFT will appear in your wallet

When do I get smart 3D car key?

Each smart 3D car key is personally made, and you can expect to receive it within 30 days of creating your NFT.

What can I do with my NFT?

You can simply keep your NFT in your wallet for yourself, or you can list it on Opensea and sell your NFT.

Will my NFT be on the blockchain?

Yes! It will be on the blockchain forever to create memories.

Upload requirements to NFT my whip?

A clear picture of your whip.

What is the cost?

Each Whip NFT will cost 0.025ETH to create.

Can I be in the picture with my whip?

Yes! Just along as the whip can be clearly seen in the picture.

Is there an OpenSea?

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